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February, 1919   Page 1, 2, 3, 4


February 1919


The New York Times, February 1, 1919 The Indiana Senate votes to give women partial suffrage. read clipping


The New York Times, February 4, 1919 The US Senate plans to reconsider the Suffrage Amendment next week. read clipping


The New York Times, February 5, 1919 Former Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan urges Southern Democrats to vote for the Woman's Suffrage Amendment. He warns them that, if they fail to support it, they might damage the Democratic Party in the North for years to come. read clipping


The New York Times, February 6, 1919 Front Page Opponents of suffrage refuse to vote on the Suffrage Amendment, and the US Senate is unable to get a quorum of senators. The sponsor of the bill says the pro-suffrage side has one more senator than the last time it came it up for a vote, but they are still one vote short of the required two-thirds majority. read clipping


The New York Times, February 10, 1919 Front Page Seventy-five women from National Woman's Party burn President Wilson in effigy in front of the White House. Forty or more women are arrested and sent to the House of Detention when they refuse to pay bail. Carrie Chapman Catt says,

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