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Frequently Asked Questions



Are you having problems viewing The New York Times' clippings?

The New York Times' clippings require Adobe PDF Reader X. If you have problems viewing The New York Times' PDF files in your browser, Adobe recommends you save the clipping to your PC and then open it.

How do the links to The New York Times work?

The links to The New York Times open in a new browser window or a new browser tab, if your browser is set up for automatic tabbed browsing. This allows the HerStory Scrapbook webpage and The New York Times to be open at the same time. To avoid opening too many browser windows, the next time you click on a New York Times' link, the webpage will appear in the window or tab that is already open, behind the HerStory Scrapbook webpage.

How do I navigate within the HerStory Scrapbook?

Click on one of the seven tabs on the right to go to that section in the web scrapbook. All of the sections, except for the Epilog, have a list of subsections near the top of scrapbook page. Click on the subsection topic or month to go to the first page in that subsection. Click on a page number to go that page within the subsection. The yellow forward arrow, on most scrapbook pages, will go to the next page in the scrapbook. The yellow back arrow will go to the previous page in the scrapbook.

Can I save a copy of The New York Times' clippings?

Yes. While viewing a clipping in your browser, click on this icon:
and then choose a place on your PC to save a copy of the clipping.


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