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Introduction - The New York Times Archive

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The New York Times Archive


     In September 2006, The New York Times made its entire digital archive, dating back to 1851, available via the internet. In September 2007, The Times made content between 1851 and 1922 free to the public. Every article is available in Adobe® PDF format, scanned from the original paper. And, although the text in the historical articles is not searchable, each article has been tagged with keywords for easy searching. The advanced search feature of The New York Times Archive allows specific dates to be selected for searching.


     Although, today, The New York Times is often portrayed, rightly or wrongly, as a bastion of liberalism, that was not always the case. On November 3, 1917, just before New York State was to vote on suffrage for women, The Times published an editorial against suffrage for the women of New York. After the electorate in New York voted in favor of suffrage in the state, The Times' editorial on November 11, 1917 argued against women's suffrage at the federal level. But, although The Times opposed women's suffrage, the editorial on October 9, 1918, encouraged women in New York to register for the first state-wide general election in which they were eligible to vote.

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